We like to call this magical experience intimate imaging. Others use the term boudoir photography, but this is so much more than a boudoir photo shoot…this is a life altering event that takes the form of a boudoir photography session. It is intimate and soul-searching photography.

We have never truly liked the term “boudoir” to describe our work. For us boudoir just seemed campy and well… cliche. This is not about putting on fancy lingerie and jewelry and twirling in front of the camera…. no.  This is about getting stripped down, literally and figuratively, with the camera as a sort of mirror to show reflect your beauty and essence back to you.  It’s a love story, and it’s the best kind– between you and yourself.

While this sounds like super-serious stuff, we also have fun in our sessions. Laughter is required, because if we can’t laugh at ourself, then we don’t love ourself.imgl9645-copy imgl8124-2 imgl1064-copy