I’m sure you’ve seen it…the photoshop fails.  The retouching gone wrong.  Someone takes one too many steps and ends up falling off a cliff of photo editing.

And I get it.  Sometimes we wish that if we could just nip and tuck right here and smooth out right there…then we could be perfect.  But it doesn’t work like that.

Here is an example of a photoshop fail where someone tried to thin out the models waist and went wayyyyyy, wayyyyyy too far into never never land.  This woman looks like her spine has been removed and there is definitely no room for some very important organs in a waist that size.

Here is another example where I believe the retouching has gone wrong.  It’s professionally done and both the original and retouched photo are beautiful.  However, my problem with this retouching is that the woman no longer looks like herself.  The editing has gone so far, she has been lost.  And I think that’s sad because she is a beautiful woman.  In my opinion, the problem started with the posing.  She was not posed in a way that worked to accentuate all her best assets.


Hello Sexy take a different approach to retouching.  I have a few rules I live and die by when it comes to retouching…

  1. Pose the client to best suit their body, face, and personality.
  2. Use light and shadows to naturally highlight my client’s favorite parts and diminish those less favorite parts.
  3. Enhance her natural beauty with photoshop.  I do this by removing temporarily blemishes like pimples, bruises, fly away hairs.  I also enhance the shadows and highlights that already exist in the photo.

Ultimately, I do not change your body.  Your body is yours and it is beautiful.  I only enhance the beauty that is already there.

This means that sometimes I have very little retouching to do.  I have practiced the art of posing and lighting for so long that I can often get the image 99% of the way there with just my camera.


Sometimes the skin tone can benefit from a bit of smoothing and a consistent color. It’s always done with a light hand and keeping the skin’s pores intact. The image below has an epic glamor style that I think allows for a bit more dramatic skin smoothing than I would usually use.


Sometimes because of the lighting style (like backlighting) I do a little more with the light and contrast of the image, like the image below.  I also removed some distracting objects from the background to leave all the focus on the beautiful model.  You can see that I did absolutely nothing to reshape or change her body.  Her body is gorgeous and I only used posing to accentuate her wonderful shape.


It’s important to me that in all three of my images the woman looks like herself.  The before and after retouched images do not look like different people.  Just a polished and enhanced version of her gorgeous, glorious self.

This is so important to me because I don’t want my clients to look at their images and think the images are beautiful, but they are not.  I don’t ever want a client thinking they only look good because I “photoshopped” them to look good.  I want my clients to look at their images and feel just how gorgeous they are deep down in their bones.  I want them to know it about themselves.  With makeup or without; with retouching or without; with sexy lingerie or without.  You. are. beautiful. ?